30 Teachers of “Social Sciences” from 10 Armenian Regions will attend the 2010-2011 Armenian Human Rights School (AHRS) 15th Advanced One-Year Human Rights Course

On Tuesday 27th July, the opening ceremony of the 2010-2011 15th AHRS one-year advanced course took place at the Armenian Constitutional Right-Protective Centre’s (ACRPC) Educational-Cultural Centre in Vanadzor.

Opening speeches of support were made by ACRPC Chairman, Gevork Manoukian, His Grace Bishop Sebouh Chouldjian, Primate of the Diocese of Gougark of the Armenian Apostolic Church, the Deputy Governor of Lori Region, Arsen Darbinyan and the Special Representative of the Council of Europe to Armenia, Silvia Zehe. The Ambassador of the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), Sergey Kapinos, while he could not attend in person, submitted a speech which was read during the ceremony, in which he highlighted the importance of the AHRS course.

From 27th July – 15th August 2010, teachers will attend the first session of the course, where they will study the legal components of the academic subject “Social Sciences”: “Human Rights”, Civic Education”, “State and Law” and “Ethics”. The course will be provided by the AHRS training team, as well as invited specialists from the Evaluation and Testing Centre of the Armenian Government, UNICEF Armenia Office, ICRC Armenian Delegation, Armenian Red Cross Society, the OSCE Office Armenia and methodologists and experts from the National Institute of Education of the Armenian Ministry of Education and Science.

The course is implemented using the “Collaborative Teaching Methodology”, which is based on mutual learning, teaching, participation and cooperation among course participants.

The 15th AHRS course differs from previous courses as it more directly focuses on children to change behaviour and attitudes using practical examples of real life situations, evaluation and monitoring visits will be undertaken to schools to observe, assess and support during correspondence courses, teachers will be assessed in accordance with pupils’ progress and presenting certificates and headmasters will be included in the training process.

The remainder of the AHRS one-year advanced course is comprised of two 5-day intensive sessions and 11 months of distance learning.

The programme has been implemented within the framework of the “Developing Legal Culture in Armenia” project supported by the Interchurch Organisation for Development Cooperation (ICCO).

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