On the first page there is a review of “His heart is in the Highlands of Geghama”, which is devoted to the poet Karick Pasmajean. “Today is neither Karick Pasmajean’s birthday nor the day of his leaving home or return… I remembered the poet-intellectual, who lives (lived) within the limitations outlined by Pablo Neruda…”

On the second page, under the heading of “Rights and Human Rights in the world”, one can find information on the adoption of an oppressive law on Muslim women’s rights in Belgium, on the prohibiting of opposition parties’ activities in Turkey and on violations of freedom of speech in Azerbaijan.

The third page consists of the dialogue “Us and Mashtots” between publicist Levon Sargsyan and linguist David Gyulzadyan which contains some comments for dispute.

“I just think we artificially complicate the situation, the matter is not who imparts knowledge to whom…” (Levon Sargsyan).

“No matter how close your anxious pain is to me, your approach to the solution of the problem is debatable. Your first sentence is already disputable…” (David Gyulzadyan).

On the fourth page there is the critical article “David of Sassoun is invincible, or there are still foreign language schools in Armenia”.

“Lately, proposed changes to the Armenian language by the Government have become a wide and controversial problem in society. It is natural and admirable that our society does not share the same opinion.”

On the fifth page there is an article from the RA Human Rights Defender’s Office about Armen Haroutyunyan’s 3 appeals to the RA Constitutional Court and information about suicide cases in the RA penal institutions.

On the sixth page there are poems by Vahan Sevan and Hovick Hoveyan.

On the seventh page under the heading of “Spiritual” there is an interview “A monastery, in itself, is a pilgrim’s holy place” between Gevork Manoukian, Gor Sargsyan and Archimandrite Sir Aspet Vardapet Balayan of Haghpat.

On the eighth page one can find statements and advice by Levon Sargsyan.