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October 19, 2018


Օn October 19, 2018 in the hall of St. Gr. Narekatsi Church, Vanadzor, Armenia, օn the eve of the UN Day (October 24), the photo exhibition of RA Honored Artist, painter-photographer Samvel Sevada and his students dedicated to UN Sustainable Development Goals of 2030 Development Agenda were opened.

The photo exhibition was organized by the Department of Public Information Office in Yerevan (UNDPI), in cooperation with Armenian Constitutional Right-Protective Centre (ACRPC) NGO and NGO Center, Info Tun Project.

Prior to the opening of the exhibition, a seminar-discussion on the UN Sustainable Development Goals was held with the participation of 120 students from different communities of Lori region.  Armineh Haladjian, Officer-in-Charge of the Department of Public Information Office in Yerevan (UNDPI) presented the history, structure, activities of the UN, the main achievements of the UN House in Yerevan. Two thematic films were screened, dedicated to various Goals of Sustainable Development. Ofelya Suqiasyan, employee of UNDPI, held a game-contest with the children devoted to the Sustainable Development Goals. At the end of the seminar all children were given gifts: bags and books.

At the beginning of the exhibition opening Archbishop Sepuh Chuljyan, Prelate of the Gugarats Diocese of the Armenian Holy Apostolic Church, sent his words of blessing and peace to presents and asked for a minute of silence to commemorate the memory of the day befor died Ara Güler, world famous Armenian-Turkish photojurnalist and pronounced dirge prayer to his memory.

Greetings and congratulation words were also said by Armineh Haladjian, Officer-in-Charge of UNDPI, Sergey Sarukhanyan, Deputy Governor of Lori region, Arman Bernecyan, Deputy Mayor of Vanadzor City and the painter Aram Nazaryan.

The word was passed to Samvel Sevada, who thanked the attendees and organizers, presented his students and their art.

At the end of the event the Sacred Father gave blessing certificates to Armineh Haladjian, Officer-in-Charge of UNDPI, Samvel Sevada, painter-photographer and his students and Samvel Sevada devoted his work of Saghmosavank to St. Gr. Narekatsi Church.

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