The review contains:

St. Nerses Lambronatsi Cilician (1153 - 1198) and His Laws” , the article by Dr. Ruben Avagyan, Professor, Academician of All Armenian Academy of the National Security Problems. Based on archival materials, Armenian manuscripts, as well as works of medieval and modern historians, Dr. Avagyan explores the Civil and Military laws of St. Nerses Lambronatsi.

“Crimes Against Personal Inviolability of Individual and Family in the Ancient, Medieval and Modern Armenian Criminal Law: an Experience of Comparative Analysis”, article by Malik Telunts, Historian, Candidate of Historical Sciences, Head of the Department of Law of Goris State University, First class justice adviser. The article is focused on the impact of the mentioned legal regulations of the current Criminal Code of the Republic of Armenia on family, national historical, socio-moral, legal system of values.

Turkish State as the Organizer of the Armenian Genocide: Analysis Based on Soghomon Tehlerian's Trial Materials. Berlin, June 2-3, 1921”, the article by Ruben Parsamyan, Historian, Member of Union of Journalists of Armenia, Senior Lecturer at the National Agrarian University of Armenia. The article presents almost unexplored trial materials of Talaat Pasha's murder Soghomon Tehlerian.

“Human Individual, His Selfidentification and Identification”, the article by Alexander Samarchyan, Junior research assistant at the Institute of Philosophy, Sociology and Law of National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Armenia. The article explores the concepts of self-identification and identification.

“Legal Regulation Problems in Bankruptcy Proceeding of Moratorium Institution, the article by Kristine Alexanyan, 2nd-year MA student at the Faculty of Law of the YSU. The  article comprehensively explores the institute of moratorium, as well as foreign experience of some other countries.

Counter-Terrorism and Human Rights, Mr. Antonio Guterres, the UN Secretary General presentation at the University of London is published under the “UN page” of the issue.

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Monika Darbinyan