On the first page the start of the Armenian Human Rights School (AHRS)’s 2010-2011 school year is covered. Within the framework of the project “Legal Culture Development in Armenia”, the ACRPC educational-cultural centre organised its AHRS 15th course first session from July 25 – August 15.

On the second page, under the heading “The Rights and Human Rights in the world”, there is information about the Helsinki final act, violence against the peaceful population of Osh and the European authorities’ objectives to acknowledge torture under the argument of fighting against terrorism.

On the third page the AHRS 15th course photo album is printed.

On the fifth page, there is an interview is with Elmira Zakaryan and Firdusi Navasardyan, headmasters of #4 school, Syunik region and Tsovagyugh secondary school, Gegharkunik region called “The subjects of “Social Sciences” need more school hours”.

On the sixth page, under the heading “From the viewpoint of protecting language rights”, there is Davit Gyulazdyan’s article: “The mother tongue according to the poetess’s perception and imagination”. “Praise for the mother-tongue began in Armenian written culture with the invention of the alphabet. Today, when Armenian identity and its celebration are on the national stage, it has become clear, that….”

On the seventh page, under “Spiritual”, there is the sermon of Ter Sion, priest of Hrazdan St. Astvatsatsin church, dedicated to Vardavar, titled “The Christian has to remove the stones of temptation and avoid being enticed down other paths”.

On the eighth page there is a speech by Garik Keryan, announcements, as well as the instructions on how to use the AHRS forum.