29 Teachers from 10 Armenian Regions attended the 2010-2011 Armenian Human Rights School (AHRS) 15th One-Year Human Rights Course

The 2010-2011 15th AHRS one-year course took place in the Armenian Constitutional Right-Protective Centre’s (ACRPC) Educational-Cultural Centre in Vanadzor from 26th July – 15th August 2010.

29 teachers from 10 Armenian Regions attended the first summer session of the course.

The aim of the AHRS course is to raise the level of teachers’ theoretical knowledge who teach “Human Rights”, “Civic Education”, “State and Law” and “Ethics” in Armenian schools, as they are components of “Social Sciences, and also to improve the methodological teaching skills in these subjects.

Teachers studied 12 topics: “Human Rights Notion”, “Classification of Human Rights”, “International Legal Documentation”, “Community and Society”, “Democracy”, “The United Nations system”, “Electoral Law”, “Collaborative Teaching Methods, basic provisions of “Moral Philosophy”, the “Role of the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) in Protecting Human Rights”, “Children’s Rights”, and “International Humanitarian Law”. These topics were studied using the “Collaborative Teaching Methodology”, which is based on mutual learning, teaching, participation and cooperation among course participants.

The course was run by the AHRS training team (AHRS top graduates of different years were also invited as trainers) and involved special guest speakers, methodologists and specialists from the Evaluation and Testing Centre of the Armenian Government, the National Institute of Education of the Armenian Ministry of Education and Science, the OSCE, UNICEF and the ICRC Delegation to Armenia.

The one-year training programme will include two supplementary 5-day meetings and 11-months of distance learning.

The programme was supported by the Interchurch Organisation for Development Cooperation (ICCO).