Since its establishment, ACRPC has promoted its activities considering the needs and the problems of the society of the period. Appreciation of these activities has always encouraged a number of community members to show regular support to the organization with various means and ways. Moreover, first donations from international organizations were received only in 1996 and, in fact, during the first seven years of its activity (1988–1995) the organization implemented many projects exclusively with contributions and donations from the community, as well as from its members and volunteers.

ACRPC greatly appraises the fact of having supporters and working with them, first of all considering it as a guarantee for a sound place in the society and for purposeful activities.

During the last two years the rows of the supporters were supplemented by teachers, businessmen, representatives of state governing and local self-governing bodies, institutions and organizations, as well as community members from various marzes of Armenia.

In 2005, the ACRPC activities were supported by the following people (presented in alphabetical order):

  • Armen Sarukhanyan – Lori marz
  • Arthur Hakobyan – Lori marz
  • Bagration Darbinyan – Lori marz
  • Gagik Hovsepyan – Lori marz
  • Hayk Hovivyan – Lori marz
  • Manushak Sardaryan – on behalf of students of Vanadzor School N 24, Lori marz
  • Robert Harutyunyan – Lori marz
  • Samvel Darbinyan – Lori marz
  • Vardan Baghdasaryan – Lori marz
  • Varduhi Hovakimyan – AHRS graduate, Syunik marz

In 2005, the publication of “For the Sake of Justice” legal scientific-methodological review was supported by the following people and organization (presented in alphabetical order):

Aelita Chibukhchyan, Anahit Grigoryan, Ani Makaryan, Anna Grigoryan, Anna Ohandghanyan, Ararat Mirzoyan, Arman Gharagyulyan, Armen Ghulyan, Armen Hakobyan, Armenuhi Abalyan, Artak Khachatryan, Arthur Martirosyan, Artyom Andreasyan, Astghik Bakhalbashyan, Avetis Kalashyan, Davit Manukyan, Edmon Marukyan, Greta Hakobyan, Hasmik Sargsyan, Hasmik Simonyan, Hovhannes Hovhannisyan, Karen Adamyan, Khachik Galstyan, Larisa Manukyan, Lusine Fldgyan, Lusine Gharakhanyan, Lusine Hakobyan, Lusine Sahakyan, Lyova Harutyunyan, Naira Mkrtchyan, Nara Ayvazyan, Narine Avetyan, Ofelya Mkrtchyan, Pargev Gevorgyan, Sargis Galoyan, Seryozha Sarukhanyan, Sirak Hovhannisyan, Tehmina Tadevosyan, Vachagan Khazhakyan, Vahe Vanesyan, Vladimir Martirosyan, Zhirayr Edilyan, Zhora Grigoryan and the organization of “Young Lawyers’ Armenian Association”.

In 2004, the ACRPC activities were supported by the following people (presented in alphabetical order):

  • Anahit Sahakyan - AHRS graduate, Syunik marz
  • Anna Khechikyan – AHRS graduate, Lori marz
  • Armen Hakobyan - Gegharkunik marz
  • Arshavir Ghukasyan - Lori marz
  • Arthur Hakobyan - Lori marz
  • Edward Khlghatyan – Lori marz
  • Gevorg Bokhyan – AHRS graduate, Gegharkunik marz
  • Marat Dadunts – AHRS graduate, Syunik marz
  • Margarit Ochinyan - AHRS graduate, Lori marz
  • Marine Karagezyan – AHRS graduate, Lori marz
  • Nvard Mkrtchyan - AHRS graduate, Shirak marz
  • Norik Sardaryan - Lori marz
  • Rafael Grigoryan – Lori marz
  • Rubik Mersisyan - AHRS graduate, Vayots Dzor marz
  • Samvel Harutyunyan - Lori marz
  • Samvel Kirakosyan – Lori marz
  • Varduhi Hovakimyan – AHRS graduate, Syunik marz
  • Venera Yeritsyan – AHRS graduate, Ararat marz
  • Vrezh Manukyan - AHRS graduate, Lori marz

In 2004, the below-presented individuals supported the publication of the legal scientific-methodological review “For the Sake of Justice” (presented in alphabetical order):

Alina Grigoryan, Anahit Kalashyan, Anahit Stepanyan, Anna Grigoryan, Anna Hakobyan, Anush Gevorgyan, Aramayis Kokhlikyan, Armen Harutyunyan, Armen Marukyan, Edward Mirzoyan, Gor Khachatryan, Gravik Babayan, Grigor Petrosyan, Hayk Derdzyan, Hovhannes Hovhannisyan, Kamo Arakelyan, Marat Davityan, Misha Simonyan, Naira Ghazaryan, Naira Khachatryan, Nara Nazaryan, Nune Khachatryan, Segey Sarukhanyan, Vachik Brutyan, Varazdat Karapetyan, Vazgen Rshtuni, Vladimir Martirosyan, Zhora Aloyan, Zhora Grigoryan.


Nearly 60 local and international organizations periodically donate literature to Human Rights Library Network. During the years of 2004-2005 the following organizations made their donations to the HRLN:

ORGANIZATIONS Quantity of books
American Lawyers’ Association 12
USA Peace Corps 6
“Astghik” NGO 5
“Araza” NGO 10
Trade & Industrial Palace of Gegharkunik Marz 35
Gavar State University 103
Eurasia Foundation 11
European Union Office in Armenia 23
Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe Office in Armenia 93
Council of Europe’s Information Office Armenia 491
“Youth Achievement” NGO 23
“Youth to Armenia” NGO 25
“Soldier’s Mother” NGO 13
“Against Violation of Law” NGO 49
International Foundation for Election Systems 98
“Family” NGO 59
National Centre for Democracy and Human Rights 10
Foundation for Democracy and Development 7
“LOGOS” Expo Center 21
“Lori Development Center” NGO 4
“Lusastgh” NGO 8
International Association for the Prevention of Torture (Geneva, Switzerland) 5
International Center for Researches of Places of Detention 7
Women’s Rights Center 3
Armenian Delegation of the International Committee of the Red Cross 229
“Helsinki Citizens’ Assembly” NGO 5
Gugark Diocese Prelacy of the Armenian Apostolic Church 76
Armenian Relief Union 1
System Integrity Resources 8
“World Learning - Armenia” 46
“Armenia 2020” Project 4
American University in Armenia 5
National Youth Council of Armenia 27
Junior Achievements of Armenia” NGO 2
US Embassy in Armenia 19
UN Development Programme Office in Armenia 70
UN Department of Public Information Office in Armenia 454
UN High Commissioner for Refugees Office in Armenia 65
“Pedagogical Initiative” Armenian Association 49
Institute for Human Rights and Democracy 100
Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights 35
Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights (Warsaw, Poland) 20
International Service for Human Rights (Geneva, Switzerland) 4
Armenian Association of International Law 12
International Organization for Migration 7
Amnesty International 10
Armenian Center for National and international Studies 10
Institute for Social and Economic Analyses 10
Union of Protection of Consumers’ Interests 10
“Spyur” Information Service 15
Vanadzor Municipality 14
American University, Washington, D.C. 3
World Vision International / Armenia 198
Center for Regional Development/Transparency International Armenia 62
“Center for Economic Development and Researches” NGO 83
Project harmony - Armenia 3
Civic Education Project 8
Civil Society Institute 84
Foundation for Civil and Social Development 11
World Association for Christian Communication 12
Association for Foreign Investments and Cooperation 15
“Oxfam” GB Armenia Office 21

Individual persons also donated literature for the HRLN. Among them were:

PERSON Quantity of books
Vladimir Osipov and Armine Halajyan – Yerevan 317
Tigran Tovmasyan - Yerevan, Education Consultant, IREX Armenia 26
Arthur Minasyan - Yerevan 137

ACRPC expresses its deep gratitude to all the supporters and the people and the organizations which donated books to HRLN, by which make their unbiased contribution for the sake of the development of legal culture in Armenia.