ACRPC publishing activities are a part of its human rights educational strategy and are aimed at raising the efficiency of education and public awareness.

The first printed ACRPC leaflet was distributed in 1989 and was entitled Struggle for the Motherland and for Justice. It was focused on the protection of human rights and education.

In April 1997, the leaflet’s content doubled and by August it had grown into a review and started to be published under a new title, For the Sake of Justice. The change in name reflected ACRPC’s mission reform: “to contribute to the development of democracy and human rights protection all over the world”.

Since April 2003, the review has been included in the Republic of Armenia Higher Qualification Commission’s list of reviews.

The review is published in Armenian. Since February 2003, English and Russian summaries of articles have been added.

Since June 2002, the review has had a 1,500-copy distribution and is sent to secondary schools in Armenia and Montainous Karabagh.

Being a legal-scientific publication, the review covers not only human rights, but also civic education, state and law and other scientific materials.

The editorial staff of the scientific-methodological review For the Sake of Justice are not solely responsible for the publication of this particular review, but contribute to all ACRPC publication activities.

For the Sake of Justice has received support from both local and international organizations, with its authors and correspondents having won awards.

We hope that For the Sake of Justice will leave its mark in the history of the Armenian periodical press by staying true to its objective: to raise the legal awareness of its readers.

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