HRLN regulations

  1. Registration

    1.1 Human Rights Library services can be used by people who are registered with the library and possess a library card. Reading Hall services can be used without a library card by signing a register.

    1.2 To become registered with the library, the applicant must present his/her passport. Juveniles can be registered by presenting their birth certificate.

    1.3 If a registered user changes their personal details (eg phone number, address, surname), they are obliged to inform the librarian within 7 days of the changes and present the necessary documents to register modifications.

  2. Lending library materials

    2.1 Literature can be borrowed for a 10-day period after proper registration with the librarian.

    2.2 If needed the renewal date can be prolonged.

    2.3 For Human Rights School course participants and graduates literature can be borrowed for a period of 2 months

    2.4 If a book is the only or last copy available, it can be lent during the last 30 minutes of the working day on the condition that it will be returned within the first 30 minutes of the following day.

    2.5 Relating to 2.4, the borrower must complete a form which highlights the requirement to return the book within the defined time period.

    2.6 Dictionaries, encyclopedias and specifically marked pieces of literature are not available for borrowing.

  3. The borrowing limit for the possessor of a library card is 5 items (excluding Human Rights School course participants and graduates)

  4. The library user has the right:

    3.1 To use reading hall, subscription, borrowing, photocopying and video library services.

    3.2 To request specific books by filling out a request form.

    3.3 To apply for and be involved with voluntary work in compliance to library regulations.

  5. The library user is obliged:

    4.1 To keep silent in the reading hall.

    4.2 To take care of library books and equipment. Any sort of damage to library books, including annotation, is strictly forbidden.

    4.3 To, when borrowing a book, check through it and inform the librarian if it is damaged.

    4.4 To return the book on or before the date stamped on the card in the front of the book.

  6. Damage and Compensation:

    5.1 In case of a late return, the borrower is obliged to pay 25 drams each day the book is overdue. (If the book is the only or last copy the borrower is obliged to pay 25 drams each hour the book is overdue.)

    5.2 If a book is found to have been damaged or defaced upon return, the borrower is obliged to pay three times the price of the cost of the publication’s restoration.

    5.3 In case of the loss of a publication, the borrower is obliged to pay three times the price of the book or provide another copy (if acceptable to the ACRPC Head of Library Department).