An important strategic direction for ACRPC is schoolchildren. They are the future developers of society and the system of values they inherit will directly affect the further development of the country. Therefore, schoolchildren need to be raised and receive an education adhering to legal and democratic state criteria (this is also a concern of the Armenian state school system).

The ACRPC Collaborative Secondary School (CSS) was founded in September 2006. The School is licensed by the Armenian Ministry of Education and Science and the school curriculum fully corresponds to the Armenian state school programme.

The goal of CSS is to give schoolchildren a thorough grounding in legal culture so they are ready to implement this in the future.

The proposed result of the 2007-2010 strategic plan is as follows:

Secondary school teaching, according to state criteria, using collaborative methodology, is to be organised.

Action plan:

  1. As a result of the elaboration of the teaching concept, CSS will improve.
  2. 30 pupils of primary and secondary schools will be taught using collaborative methodology, in accordance with state criteria.
  3. Basic characteristics of the school:

    - An individual curriculum is designed for each pupil.

    - During the learning process the pupil both learns and impart what they have learned, which more successfully consolidates the assimilation of material.

    - The academic process is not divided into class hours and there is no formal time limit for the assimilation of academic material.

    - Great attention is paid to the spiritual and cultural development of the pupil and team formation and interaction within the group.

    - The school day is from 0900-1600 with two breaks for meals.

    - An atmosphere devoid of physical or psychological pressure on pupils.