Legal awareness raising seminars for community leaders

A part of AHRS’s work is raising the legal awareness of community leaders.

Since 2005, in collaboration with the Lori Regional Administration, AHRS has organised a series of seminars for 485 socially active citizens of 40 Lori regional communities.

2-day seminars are organised on “Human Rights Notion”, “Basics of Law and Legislation”, “The Constitution of the Republic of Armenia” and “The Law on Local Self-Governing Bodies” in various Lori communities for representatives of local government and administration, NGOs, educational establishments, mass media, the private sector, as well as students and socially active citizens. The seminars are coordinated by key members of the AHRS training team, with further discussions conducted.

Additionally, live television broadcasts of discussions between seminar participants are shown on Lori regional channels within the project framework.

The participants of the seminars are provided with legal information packages and at the end of the seminars receive certificates from ACRPC and the Lori Administration.